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Ph.D. Students (Past and Present):

Name:  Abdelrahman Zaghloul
Degree Dates:  Jan. 2018-
Research Interests:  Rescue robots

Name:  Behrad Rouzbeh
Degree Dates:  Sept. 2016-
Research Interests:  Collaborative robots,advanced control algorithms, control of pneumatic and hybrid pneumatic-electric actuators

Name:  Mohamed Bayoumi
Degree Dates:  Jan. 2016-
Research Interests:  Motor condition monitoring and control.

Name:  Scott Olsen
Degree Dates:  May 2009-Sept. 2012
Research Interests:  Autonomous mining robots.

Name:  Lingqi (William) Zeng
Degree Dates:  Jan.2005-Feb.2011
Research Interests:  Collaborative robots, human-friendly robot design and control, robot safety, mobile robot navigation.

Name: Lucian Balan
Degree Dates:  Sept.2000-Sept.2006
Research Interests: Collaborative robots,human-friendly robots, human tracking, path planning, real-time collision avoidance.

Name: Amr Elfizy*
Degree Dates:  Sept.2000-Jan.2005
Research Interests: High speed feed drives for machine tools, control of linear motors and piezoelectric actuators.

Name: Simon Chang
Degree Dates:  Jan.2003-Mar.2010 (Full-time/Part-time)
Research Interests: Ultrasonic assisted machining and piezoelectric actuators

Name: Shu Ning
Degree Dates:  Sept.98-Dec.2004 (Part-time student for final three years)
Research Interests:  Applications of advanced control theory in mechanical engineering, Nonlinear Control of Servo Pneumatic Actuators (closed-loop position control).
What it's like doing a Ph.D. degree at McMaster with Dr. Bone:
"It is a very exciting experience to study as a Ph.D student with Dr. Bone. I have learned so much from Dr. Bone including not only the knowledge but also his scientific working attitude. Dr. Bone gives me help in detail whenever I encounter problems. Can you imagine a professor who would check your program sentence by sentence? He does! I really enjoy my studying here at McMaster University."

Name:  Timber Yuen,
Degree Dates:  Sept.92-Aug.98
Research Interests:   Real-time control of dynamic systems.
What it's like doing a Ph.D. degree at McMaster with Dr. Bone:
"Dr. Bone has a profound theoretical background and practical experience on real-time control of dynamic systems. He also gives his student very close supervision. This allowed him to give me much timely guidance and advice. He also went out of his way and helped me with software and hardware design. His help was especially valuable at times when my research was not going anywhere. I truely appreciated Dr. Bone's supervision, and have no reservation in recommending him to anyone as a thesis supervisor."

*Co-supervised with Dr. M.A. Elbestawi.


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