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June 2017. Standing, left to right: Chun-Kan Gary Chow, Jinesh Patel, Yahu Choudhary and Behrad Rouzbeh. Seated, left to right: Dr. Haitao Qi, Dr. Gary Bone and Mohamed Bayoumi.

August 2015. Standing, left to right: Yifei Feng*+, Yile Zhang and Oscar Navarrete. Seated, left to right: Dr. Bone, Graham Ashby and Yahu Choudhary. Photographer: Hino Pringnitz.
*+Co-supervised by Dr. Habibi

June 2013. Left to right: Mantian Xue, Graham Ashby, Ben Miethig, Dr. Bone, Omar Elmofty and Justin Flett.

August 2010. Standing, left to right: Matthew Prorok*, Scott Olsen and Michael Irvine**. Seated, left to right: Dave Bortone, Lingqi (William) Zeng and Darren Van Rooyen. Photographer: Dr. Bone.
*Co-supervised by Dr. Sirouspour. **Co-supervised by Dr. Capson.

July 2007. Standing, left to right: Kai Yang, Lingqi (William) Zeng, Nicholas Moore, Dr. Bone, Masoud Arefi, and Yuexian (George) Ma. Seated, left to right: Heather Ker, Amin Ahmadi and Mohanad Elshafie.

June 2005. Standing, left to right: Shahram Salimi, Lucian Balan, Andrew Lambert, Vincent Leung and Mark Edwards. Seated, left to right: Simon Chang***, Russell Sindrey, Lingqi (William) Zeng and Zhihong Rao. Photographer: Dr. Bone.

August 2003: (left to right) Tony Guo***,Amr Elfizy***,Matt Lahey,Andrew Maw,Paul Chan,Yucong Lu.
(Not shown: Lucian Balan, Dr. Bone, Simon Chang***, Yan Li, Shu Ning)

July 2002: (Standing left to right) Amr Elfizy***,Lucian Balan,Yucong Lu,Matt Lahey,Tony Guo***,Simon Chang***,Yan Li. (Seated left to right) Russell Sindrey, Dr. Bone, Paul Chan.
***Co-supervised by Dr. Elbestawi.

August 2000: (left to right) Yan Li, Lucian Balan, Qiang Song, Jay Stavnitzky, Dr. Bone, Peter Bender, Shu Ning and Yonghui Du.

March 1999: (left to right) Yonghui Du, Lucian Balan, Olivier Sing Sengsouvanh, Aleksandra Rakic, Dr. Bone (seated), Peter Bender and Shu Ning.  

August 1997: (left to right): Timber Yuen, Michael Colella, Dr. Bone, Robert van Varseveld and William Plut. 


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