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Collaborative Robots, Human-Friendly Robots and Real-time Collision Avoidance 


Our research on collaborative robots and human-friendly robots covers the following areas:
  • Whole robot proximity sensing for collision avoidance
  • Robotic manipulator collision avoidance
  • Mobile robot collision avoidance
  • Hybrid pneumatic-electric actuators for enhanced safety and weight reduction
  • Design of compliant foam coverings for robotic manipulators
  • Markerless human tracking
Please see our videos and related publications .


Dr. Gary Bone, Amin Ahmadi, Graham Ashby, Lucian Balan, Po Wah (Paul) Chan, Yahu Choudhary, Xing Chen, Omar Elmofty, Mohanad Elshafie, Yucong Lu, Yue Xian (George) Ma, Ben Miethig, Mantian Xue, Lingqi (William) Zeng, and Yile Zheng.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Dr. Gary M. Bone
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA, L8S 4L7.
Phone: (905) 525-9140 ext 27591
Fax: (905) 572-7944
e-mail: gary at mcmaster.ca
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