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Position Controlled Servo Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators offer the following advantages for positioning applications: low-cost, high power to weight ratio, cannot burnout, ease of maintenance, cleanliness, and a readily available and inexpensive power source. Unfortunately, pneumatic actuators are subject to high friction forces, dead-band (due to stiction) and dead-time (due to the compressibility of air). These nonlinearities make accurate position control of pneumatic actuators difficult to achieve.

We have developed fast and accurate servo pneumatic actuators by combining advanced control algorithms with inexpensive hardware. Please see our video and publications.


Dr. Gary Bone, Mantian Xue, Zhihong Rao, Shu Ning, Robert van Varseveld.

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Dr. Gary M. Bone
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA, L8S 4L7.
Phone: (905) 525-9140 ext 27591
Fax: (905) 572-7944
e-mail: gary at mcmaster.ca
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