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Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Robotic Servo Grippers (Patented)  


In several industries, including automotive, aircraft, camera and photocopier manufacturing, a large number of complex shaped 3D sheet metal (and sheet plastic) parts are joined to make frames and bodies. A robotic gripper suitable for this task has four requirements:
         i) part pickup
         ii) rigid part locating,
         iii) accurate part locating, and
         iv) ability to grasp a wide range of shapes.
We have developed three robotic servo grippers that meet these requirements and can grasp a wide variety of parts. The grippers feature a novel finger design that allows them to accurately and rigidly locate the parts in the presence of initial robot and part positioning errors. Tests have been performed with gripper prototypes on several automotive parts. The standard deviation of the parts position was reduced to 0.05 mm after grasping, from 0.4 mm prior to grasping. For more details please see our video and publication pages. For details on the application of these grippers to automotive assembly please see our fixtureless assembly page.

Examples of parts that can be grasped.

First generation gripper (2 servo controlled axes) holding a part.

Second generation gripper with a 400 mm workspace and 9 servo controlled axes.

Second generation gripper holding a part.

Third generation gripper with a 200 mm workspace and 4 servo controlled axes.

Third generation gripper holding a part.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Dr. Gary M. Bone
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA, L8S 4L7.
Phone: (905) 525-9140 ext 27591
Fax: (905) 572-7944
e-mail: gary at mcmaster.ca


Dr. Gary Bone, William Plut, Robert van Varseveld, Lucian Balan.

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